I was born and raised in Houston, TX. At a pretty early age I became involved in the local theatre scene and grew up seeing shows at The Houston Grand Opera, Theatre Under the Stars, and the Alley. I attended The High School for the Performing and Visual Arts where I majored in Musical Theatre. I earned a BA in Theatre Business from Loyola University New Orleans.

After graduating, I was the American Theatre Wing’s SpringboardNYC Directing Candidate for the summer of 2012. The next two years I spent at Hartford Stage where I was the Artistic Apprentice and then the Artistic Assistant. There I acted as a bit of a catchall, assisting with producing, casting, literary management and dramaturgy. On top of all that, during my second season at the theatre, I also served as the resident assistant director. I worked with directors including Darko Tresnjak, Mark Lamos, Michael Wilson, and Giovanna Serdelli. I moved to NYC in the summer of 2014 where I freelance as a director and assistant director.

I believe that theatre is a social art form. As a society, we are increasingly disengaged from one another. Digital intermediaries are the middlemen in much of our communicating. Theatre should, now more than ever, broaden audience’s scopes and remind them other lives are worth consideration.

One of my goals is to make theatre that specifically appeals to members of my generation. This is can be done by creating pieces that fully embrace all that performed arts have to offer. Effective theatre creates a multidirectional conversation and synthesizes community, if only for an hour or two. Effective theatre is what I aim to create.